Benefits of Greek Life

  • Develop lifelong friendships: Brotherhood is a lifetime commitment; therefore, you will develop close relationships with people in your brotherhood and alumni network. A fraternity is built on the ideal of brotherhood and you will be exposed to that in Kappa Sigma. You will make connections with students of various backgrounds and interests through social events, brotherhood trips, living at our on-campus house, and coordinating/hosting philanthropic events. The close friendships you develop through your four years will last a lifetime. In addition, you will maintain close ties with Greek life long after you graduate from UMass.

  • Make an impact: In Greek life you are given the opportunity to become a leader in your chapter and your community. Whether you’re an elected officer, on a committee, or just member in the chapter, you’ll learn how to run effective meetings, coordinate with leaders in the community, speak in public, manage a budget, and run philanthropy events. Through a variety of philanthropic events such as the Military Heroes Campaign, Lace Up & Salute, and the UMass Dance Marathon, you will make a difference on campus and the broader community. The charitable work you do and the leadership experience you gain will make you a well-rounded professional when you graduate. 

  • High academic achievement: Greek life provides students with academic support systems. You will be pushed by your brothers to make academics your priority. We instill good work ethic in our brothers by setting aside time every week for study hours at the Kappa Sigma house. Consequentially, we have a cumulative GPA higher than the non-Greek average at UMass. Nationally, Greeks have a higher graduation rate and higher GPA compared to non-Greek affiliates.

  • Career Networking: If you’re looking for a summer internship or a job after you graduate then there is no better place to look then your alumni network! Over 280,000 men have joined Kappa Sigma, so there are alumni throughout the world and in every career field. You will be given the necessary tools to utilize our alumni network such as our Kappa Sigma LinkedIn network. When joining Greek life, you are investing in the future as well as the present. 

  • Athletics: Greeks participate in competitive sports through intramural and Greek life tournaments. Whether you want to play football, baseball, basketball, or just go paintballing, it is easy to get a group of people together to make it happen. Our elected athletic chair coordinates all of our sporting events to ensure they’re organized and fun.